The Best Resources for Supply Teachers

Being a supply teacher comes with some great benefits, including flexibility, better work life balance, reduction in planning and marking and control of where you work! However, alongside this there are of course slight disadvantages, one being that there are less CPD and networking opportunities and become fewer.

In order to keep yourself up to date with what is going on in education and teaching, there are lots of both free and paid resources which can help.


TES is a great website for educational news, forums, job postings as well as classroom resources and lesson plans (both free and paid for).  It offers a platform for every teacher to voice their opinions, share best practice as well as get up to date news on what is happening within education.

The News

Reading, listening, watching the news can inform you of educational changes/updates, both nationally and regionally. You can get a summary of a current situation which allows you to dig further if applicable to yourself.  This also links with politics, keeping yourself up to date with current politicians and their agenda can also provide a great insight as to what may come.


Speaking to colleagues when you go into a school can be a great tool. Even on a day’s supply, you can find out new ideas, curriculum updates and see a new schools approach to teaching/marking.

If you have colleagues from previous school employment, try your best to keep in touch if appropriate to ensure that you can ask any questions if you have any hesitation about anything.

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding training should be repeated yearly ideally, however if this is not possible, every 2 years is compulsory. This is an essential responsibility of your role and you are obligated to ensure the children’s safety and welfare are at the forefront of your mind during your time at the school.

If you visit certain schools regularly as a supply teacher and have built a good relationship, some schools may wish for you to attend their safeguarding training for all staff – this is a great way to continue to network and gain more information.


With an instantaneous internet at most people’s hands, it is one of the most valuable tool for accessing quickly with an abundance of information at yours hands. Whether it is finding out an Ofsted report, looking for start and finish times of a school, looking at lesson plan ideas, there is almost everything accessible for free!

Department of Education

The department of education website offer lots of information regarding new initiatives, funding, upcoming legislation and the curriculum. To save you sifting through their website regularly you can sign up for regular emails straight into your inbox!

It is important to not feel alone and unsupported as a supply teacher. There are so many resources available to help sooth any nerves and provide you with confidence in your skills.

Your agency should be able to support and provide resources to help in any areas you feel unconfident in. We are here to be able to develop your skills, provide you with work and most importantly make sure you’re enjoying your work.

If you are interested in joining our pool of great supply teachers, please register online or contact us by calling 03301 242801 for more information.

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