Tutoring Services

We strive to provide the highest quality tutors who will develop children’s education and confidence, whilst also providing opportunities for educational professionals to make a difference outside of the classroom.

High Quality Qualified Teachers

All our teachers are qualified, experienced and are ready to tailor lessons to your individual child’s needs. They are fully compliant with recent safeguarding training.

Tailored Personal Matching Service

Our Account Managers will work hard with you and our tutors and communicate regularly to ensure we match a tutor to suit your child’s specific learning needs and any subject specialisms required.

Competitive Fair Prices

We stand by our competitive and transparent prices which are great value with no compromises on the teaching standards or results your child will see.

Online Tutoring

Opus Teach offers an online tutoring service which allows for your child to be provided with 1:1 tailored tutoring by a qualified specialist teacher, all remotely. All our teachers are qualified, experienced and are ready to tailor lessons to your individual child’s needs.

We believe there is a tutor suited for each child and we will help personally match your child to a suited professional with experience/ specific specialisms.

Photo of child and tutor at the computerSafeguarding is just as much a priority for us as it would be with any teacher in the classroom. All our teachers have up to date safeguarding training and are fully compliant before working with any pupil. All sessions are recorded by a member of our staff and saved to your file which enables you and your child to revisit the session at any time.

This tuition can help fill any gaps in your child’s knowledge that work sheets and online work set may not be able to or help the time where you are unable to give your full attention to assisting their learning. Our teachers can help go over subjects/topics that you as a parent are unfamiliar with or teach your child additional subjects which they may not be receiving online or enough work for.

This is a great opportunity to provide your children the chance to continue to grow, learn and ask questions to a teacher who will give you their full support. Sessions can be purchased individually or in bulk to enable our child to receive as much support as they need.