How Will Opus Teach Be Supporting Returning Supply Teachers?

The health, safety and wellbeing of our supply staff is a top priority for Opus Teach. We will do our utmost to support all our schools’ needs, however, will never compromise on the health and wellbeing of our supply staff.

We stand by that with our transparent approach to filling bookings and being honest where we are unable to help. Nonetheless, we will be supporting our supply teachers who wish to return to the classroom via multiple ways.

We pride ourselves on being understanding and will continue to not place any teacher into an environment they do not wish to go to

We will be keeping track of where teachers have been and encouraging teachers to stay at the same school or very few – for every teacher working we will have records of where they have worked and for how long. These can be accessed by the teacher and school in case of a local outbreak in a school.

We will also be working in line with government guidance regarding educational settings and supply teachers, therefore encouraging schools to use the same few teachers and encouraging teachers to limit the amount of schools they teach in to reduce risk.

We will work with each school and teacher on an individual basis to suit their needs and will continue to listen and adapt to government guidance daily.

Upon booking a teacher, each school will be asked a series of questions to gain as much information for the supply teacher as possible regarding the schools’ precautions, any change in school day timings and anything else they need to be aware of. We will then communicate this with the teacher to ensure they are satisfied before beginning their working day.

We will keep in regular contact with both the school and teacher to ensure it goes smoothly and both parties feel comfortable.

The Opus Teach team have been working from home since the 18th of March and will continue to do so for the foreseeable. We have successfully managed to work from home with minimal disruption and operate business as normal, with meetings and interviews hosted virtually. Please continue to call 03301 242801 and email [email protected] and we will respond as quick as we can.

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