Utilising the school website: Tips for schools and supply teacher

Your school website is a hub of information for parents, pupils, prospective candidates who are looking for a new job, and is completely open for the public to view.

Making sure you utilise your website is essential in saving your staff time answering questions and providing the best representation of your school. Simple questions asked daily to your office such as what time lunch is or who is the deputy head etc can all is be reduced significantly through having this information clearly displayed on your website.

It can also help those visiting your school prepare before their arrival. For example, supply teachers can read your safeguarding and behavioural policy ahead of their day making their introduction more efficient when they arrive. Furthermore, by listing information on your curriculum, you can help supply teachers and parents understand what the pupils are learning, any goals and timescales.

Staff lists can also be helpful for parents and students who may not feel as confident to call and ask for the relevant member of staff. They may feel better being able to email directly knowing they’re contacting the right person.

The school club timetable is also very useful to have easily shown. This can avoid confusion from parents and can potentially reduce calls. By listing the timetable on the website, you may catch the attention of parents who were not fully aware of what is available.

Keep your contact page easy to find, clear and simple to read. Make sure you have all numbers you wish to be contacted on show as well as any email addresses which people can contact.


As a supply teacher, before any placement begins it is great idea to have a good look on the school’s website. It will give you a great indication of the school’s values, their curriculum and, importantly, their policies.

It is a legal requirement that all schools have their policies available on their websites for the public to access. This therefore should be on the top of your list to view before going to any school.

You should also double check start times, lesson times and any additional information which you may find helpful. This could include the staff list which may help you identify who you will be working alongside.

School’s websites can sometimes be forgotten tool for supply teachers to ensure they are prepared, confident and familiar with the school before they arrive.


Overall, for schools it is useful to maintain your website as it should reduce calls and questions for office staff and provide a great first impression of your school. For supply staff, looking at a website can help make sure you make a great impression on arrival as you will have some understanding of the school, the policies, staff and values.

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