Last minute booking? No problem!

Great opportunities within schools can arise through unexpected days of supply and last-minute arrangements. Being able to be reactive and flexible on the spot can lead to much greater opportunities and is a great way to know local schools. Follow these tips and tricks to set yourself up for a successful days and maybe a new relationship with the school:

Bag packed and ready to go! You’ve just received an early morning call to go to a local school, the first thing to check is if your bag is ready to go!

Having a ‘supply bag’ full of spare resources, stickers (dependant on age group you’re teaching), any teaching aids you like, and your DBS/ID can start your day prepared. Having full confidence in your resources can make sure you are planned if the class is unplanned!

Dress for Success – although a smart outfit is not going to deliver the learning objectives, it will give you confidence and create a better first impression to the class. This can help buy you a little bit more time

Use your time wisely! If you ever have a spare half an hour, these short time slots can allow you to create some great plans for future lessons. Creating your own pool of resources and planned lessons means you are confident in your own skills.

Website – looking at the schools website can sometimes show you the schools long term plans and values as well as give information on their curriculum and policies.

Preventing it! Of course, in an ideal world, clear plans suited for the whole class would be left. However, as we all know, this isn’t always the case. In some cases, you can prevent those unexpected moment by simply calling your agency to see if there will be planning left. This gives you the heads up either to relax or just to bring some of your own resources and plans.

Being able to cope with these unexpected days shows your adaptability, flexibility and resilience – all skills schools will look for in a supply teacher.

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