How to get a Long-Term Placement Secured for the New Year!

With Christmas fast approaching it is important to get work lined up for the New Year. November and early December are often when long term bookings are filled. Schools want to be organised for the new year and need to ensure continuity for the pupils. The supply industry is fast paced so make sure you use the below tips to ensure you secure a placement for January!

Be proactive – accepting as much work as possible in the run up to Christmas will help you gain exposure. Schools talk a lot more than we may ever know, therefore if you impress one school, another school could very soon request you. Ensuring you’re available, ready to go and are prepared for day to day supply means you set yourself up for the best start to the day. Treat everyday like a trial day and you will stick in schools’ minds when they then consider their options for recruitment.

Ask questions – when in a school for the day, make yourself known in a polite/subtle manner. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can, ask questions regarding safeguarding and the behaviour policies, try gain as much information as you can from the TA. All these little bits of information will help build a bigger picture of the school and if you could see yourself there on a long-term basis. If you feel suited to the school, asking any of the senior leadership/admin staff if there are any vacancies can also show your interest and could lead to a placement.

Availability – making sure you’re available to attend interviews, trials and day to day supply can really help increase your chance of securing a long-term job. Showing commitment and eagerness from day one can really help your first impressions.

Mailers – be responsive when mailers are sent to you regarding jobs. Mailers can often go to lots of teachers therefore showing your interest quickly can mean your details can be passed across in good time.

Flexible – even if you don’t think a job may not be best suited to you, it is always recommended to meet the school and attend the interview. Whilst it can showcase you for other better suited roles, seeing the school and hearing more about the role may change your opinion and show you what a great opportunity the role may be.

Long term placements are great for stability, structure and continuity for both yourself and pupils. Long term positions are also great opportunity if you’re looking to make the transition between supply to a permanent position, therefore keeping your eye out for any opportunities is essential.

If you’re interested in long term placements, with varying days and lengths, please give us a call on 03301 242801 or email [email protected] to find out more.

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