How to Banish the Germs this Term!

There are viruses, coughs and colds and sickness bugs creeping up everywhere. In the term before Christmas it is so important to ensure learning and achievement is high however to do this we also need to  listen to our bodies for rest and recovery.

Get your flu shot!

Having the best chance of avoiding being ill is preparing in advance! Alongside washing your hands, eating healthy and sleeping lots, having the flu vaccination can help prepare your body for the flu.

Last years flu shot won’t provide protection for this year’s flu! Your body needs continuous protection and as the viruses develop, so do the vaccinations therefore keeping on top of these is essential.


Carrying a mini anti-bacterial gel with you can help reduce the risk of illness during your every day life. Whether it is door handles, your phone or on papers –  there are germs on everything!

If you haven’t managed to dodge the germs the following tips may help you feel better sooner!

Go to bed!

This doesn’t mean staying up late watching Netflix, it means sleeping as much as you can. Sleep makes your immune system far stronger and missing out on this makes it harder for your body to fight germs.

If you’re feeling under the weather already, try sleep with an extra pillow to raise your heads – this will help you breathe easier.


Go to the gym or go outside for a run and get those endorphins pumping! Moving your body, raising your heart beat and sweating a little bit can increase your endorphins making you feel better overall. Exercise may even help you feel better by opening your nasal passages and temporarily relieving nasal congestion.


You are what you eat! Fuelling your body with the correct micronutrients will make you feel so much better. Lots of vegetables and fruit will aid your body to fight off any lingering illnesses. Eating lots of chocolate and junk food may make you feel temporarily better but in the long term it won’t help you recover quickly.

If you’re feeling run down or your school staff seem to be dropping like flies with sickness, make sure you use these tips to help prevent sickness!

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