Benefits of Supply Teaching

Supply teaching can be a great career move for many reasons. Whether it is for a change from your current role to explore other schools and ways of working; needing a breather from your normal 5 days a week teaching; or even returning to teaching after some time out –Supply teaching offers a whole range of benefits for teachers. Find below 6 benefits of supply teaching!


1 – Returning after a long period out of the classroom – whether you’ve been looking after children or had a career change, – can be daunting. Supply offers the opportunity to go into many different schools, classes and environments to see what you enjoy again.


2 – Flexibility – Flexibility is by far one of the biggest advantages of supply work. You are in complete control over your availability, when you’d like to work, how far you’d like to go and even what schools you would like to go to­­. This means that if one week you’d like to work every day, and the next week only 1 day – this is completely fine. This does mean you can also book holiday in term time – woo (finally!).


3 – Career break – after years of working in the same school, it is not uncommon to begin to crave a change. Supply can offer you a chance to reflect on your previous experience, whilst still teaching and having a completely new insight into other schools. You can build new relationships, and even use supply to try to find a new permanent role.


4 – Supply isn’t just day to day! Day to day supply is just a fraction of what is available for a supply teacher. You can choose pre-booked work only, or even a regular placement of anywhere between 1-5 days a week. It will be completely suited to your preferences and experience.


5 – Relocation – when moving to a new area, finding a school you’d love to work in may seem like an impossible task! Some day to day supply can offer you the opportunity to see what the staff are like, marking trends and what pupil behaviour/expectations are like.


6 – Variety – no day is the same. Whether it is from marking schemes and behavioural policies to lesson plans and school location! As a supply teacher, you will have a huge advantage of gaining such a large amount of experience in other schools in such a short time. You will see some great ideas and some not so great! This will all help mould and grow your skills and teaching.


Don’t let supply seem scary! It is a great opportunity to make your work life balance healthier, as well as enhance your career.


If you’d like to have a chat with one of the team, with no pressure to sign up, just to discuss your options, please call 03301 242801 and we’d be more than happy to help.

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  1. These are true but also gives the impression that the supply teacher is in control of how much they work, which is only the case if there is high demand.

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