Supply Teachers – What Do You Pay For?

It is common knowledge that budgets are extremely tight for schools. With every pound needing to stretch that little bit further, it’s important to understand what to expect when you’re paying for a supply teacher.

Within the industry the cost of supply doesn’t always reflect experience, so it can be difficult to predict who is going to turn up and how much value they will add to your school day.

Here at Opus Teach, we have a huge variety of teachers on our system, with varying levels of experience. Some are ex headteachers and others are fresh into teaching and looking to gain as much experience as possible. Whatever their circumstances, we believe on paying our teachers fairly and Opus Teach are known for this within the market.

Due to paying the teachers to main teacher pay scale, we have high expectations of our supply teachers. We expect them to fulfil the duties of the teacher they are covering, whilst engaging with staff where possible and adding value to pupils education.

The stereotypical expectations of supply teachers can vary depending on school, class, teacher and even the agencies. Some teachers will mark every book and give detailed feedback with a note for the class teacher, whilst others will leave as soon as possible! When booking through Opus Teach, you can expect our teachers to:

  • Teach the work set or appropriate work for the subject/year.
  • Liaise with teaching assistants and support staff.
  • Display good subject or curriculum knowledge.
  • Ensure each lesson has clear objectives.
  • Ensure that completed work is marked.
  • Leave a clear handover for the absent teacher, in the form of a lesson review sheet.
  • Leave the classroom in a clean and tidy manner.
  • Ensure any issues are dealt with in line with the school’s behaviour/safeguarding policy and reported accurately.

Opus Teach understands how important it is for a school to have continuity throughout their original teachers’ absence. We actively encourage our teachers to arrive promptly with back up plans just in case none are left.

All our teachers will arrive at your school with the correct high level of compliance checks completed. You will receive all their compliance information ahead of their placement beginning and they will arrive with proof of ID and their DBS. This eliminates any risk for yourself and ensures all you must do is present the teacher with all the information they need to know ahead of their day beginning.

We will always try to place a specialist to fill your requirement, however will always be honest if we cannot fill your vacancy allowing you try to go down other routes.

It is so important you know what you are paying for in the market of supply, especially with so many agencies with varying standards and costs. Overall, with Opus you are getting a fully compliant, qualified and experienced teacher who is happy and carries our values because they are fairly paid. You will get a teacher who is happy to plan and mark work whilst delivering lessons to enhance pupil’s knowledge. At Opus Teach transparency and honesty are key so please feel free to ask us any questions.

You can email us at [email protected] or please call us on 03301 242801.

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