How to Keep Your Cool Teaching During the British Heatwave

Whilst this scorching heatwave that we’ve been having recently in the UK is the perfect weather to be sat outside in, ice cream in hand, it can lead to uncomfortable conditions in the classroom and hot, unmotivated and easily irritated students.

Follow our tips below for some advice on how to keep your cool as the temperature rises.


Water is a basic. Making sure that each student has enough water is crucial, as well as yourself. It is easy to become dehydrated in this weather, therefore carrying water always is essential. Although school’s policies may differ, letting pupils fill up their empty water bottles is advisable. Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue and much worse if left to deteriorate.

Classroom layout

Another important factor to consider is the seating position of all the children. Is there a breeze coming from a window or door where some students can move into? Is the sun directly beaming onto a pupil? All these points are likely to affect a pupil’s concentration and comfort level. Try to ensure no students are cramped or uncomfortable if possible, although this can sometimes be hard in certain classrooms. If this is a major issue, perhaps suggesting an outdoor lesson (depending on the school policy) may be more suitable and engaging.


A personal favourite at Opus Teach is freezing a water bottle overnight so it stays cool for most of the morning and sometimes into the afternoon.

You could also advise students to sit where they feel most comfortable within the class (within reason!).

Making sure that all windows are opened and blinds are down can also make a dramatic difference to the temperature of the classroom.

If you’re teaching primary, this tip may be more suitable, however asking parents to ensure their child has a hat will make sure they are kept cool when outside.


If a child appears sick, suffering with a headache or even red-faced, they may just need a few minutes to cool down. Offer them the chance to either sit in the shade, inside, or grab some more water.

Splashing cold water on your wrists and a cold wet paper towel on the back of your neck can also be an instant refresher.


Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how you can keep your classroom cooler during this hot weather. If you have any other tips you’d like to share, please tweet us them!


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