5 Ways to Boost Staff Wellbeing

This year has been unlike any other and we have all dealt with new challenges, in particular schools and teachers who have worked incredibly hard to maintain students learning.

As we head into the colder, darker and shorter days, it’s important to keep on top of what makes ourselves and those around us happy and in touch with our mental health when the sun isn’t shining.

Here are 5 ways that schools can help to boost staff wellbeing.

PPA Cover – allowing your staff to have a teaching break to catch up with their work can make a great deal of difference to their stress levels and help promote a better work life balance. Even just one afternoon a week can be hugely beneficial and a small price to pay for the amount you will gain back from the teacher.

PPA cover teachers can also be used flexibly to benefit multiple teachers and assist different classes.

Create an open-door atmosphere – if you are able to, having an open-door policy and creating a feeling of openness can make colleagues feel much more comfortable in discussing how they feel and any issues they may be coping with.

Provide resources – if open door policies aren’t possible in your school, sending around regular resources and being able to share links/charities that are able to help with mental health can be incredibly helpful. Not only do they show that you are trying raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health, but it may just be the extra push someone needs to gain support.

Engage although it can be easy to get into your own zone when arriving to school, engaging with staff just to have a chat can make a huge difference in someone’s day.Whether it’s making someone a cup of tea or asking how they are, non-work-related chat is so important! You never know, one conversation may turn someone’s day completely around.

Take a break – no one is a superhuman unfortunately! Everyone needs a break to focus on themselves to ensure they do not burn out. In order to look after others, we must look after ourselves and practice what we preach!

It can be easy for teachers to use break times to mark books or plan lessons. Having a welcoming staff room may encourage people to break those habits and can boost their wellbeing even if it’s just to stop by to have a chat with a colleague while making a cup of tea.

Teaching can be stressful at times and work can feel challenging, however having a great support system can minimise all these and remind you of your reasons and passion for teaching. Looking after staff wellbeing can not only help benefit your staff but improve quality of teaching, engagement with and from students, and develop teams.

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