How to relax and recharge outside of school hours!

It is very easy to let your work life become your personal life too. It is essential that days off, weekends and school holidays are utilised for relaxing and recharging our batteries to ensure you come back ready to smash another week, term and academic year.

There are a few tools which can be implemented to help with unwinding from a busy day:

Ban work-related chat!

Whilst an occasional rant to a friend or partner can be healthy, talking about work consistently is draining and not good for your mental health. We spend so much of our week at work that increasing and intertwining these hours in our ‘free time’ is easily done but essential to avoid to provide you a break from work.

Ensuring that your conversations with friends and family is orientated about non-work related subjects will help take your mind off any worries or ‘to do lists’ and will ensure that you relax.

Spend time with people who make you feel good!

During school holidays, evenings and weekends, it is great to make sure you make time for people who make you laugh and feel good. Becoming absorbed in work and colleagues is natural sometimes, however making sure you make time for your loved ones will never fail to make you smile.

Do something for you!

Whether it is releasing endorphins through going to the gym, playing badminton, swimming or eating more nutritious foods. Doing something to relieve any stress is great, whether it is a dog walk or watching an episode of Bake Off!


Sleep is essential  to feeling refreshed, letting your body recover and fighting off any germs that may be running you down. The common statement of ‘catching up on sleep over the weekend’ is a myth. Once you’ve missed a couple of hours sleep in the evening, that is gone and cannot be regained. Thus it is essential to prioritise having a routine at night to guarantee that you are giving your mind and body the time needed to recharge.

Treat yourself!

Whilst you aren’t in the normal routine of continuous early morning and late finishes, enjoy this time to treat yourself. Whether that is a cinema trip, a massage to relieve stress, or an evening with friends and a few too many glasses of wine – treat yourself! Work hard, play hard!

Overall, making time to prioritise yourself can really help to recharge and relax. As hard working teachers you  can spend so much of your time ensuring the best for your pupils, colleagues and all the outcomes surrounding work that you need to apply the same passion to taking care of yourself. By looking out for yourself, you’ll go back into the classroom prepared, motivated and refreshed.

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