How to beat the New Year’s blues!

January can be a time mixed emotions. This can include lots of motivation and excitement as well as feeling overwhelmed and anxious as those around you set targets and goals for the new year.

If you’ve got mixed feelings about the New Year, we wanted to provide you with some ways that may help get over feeling slightly glum.

Routine – over the Christmas period routine can go out of the window with lie in’s, a difference in diet, increased amount of socialising all alongside having time off work! This can lead to an increase in anxiety of returning to work. Getting back into routine can really help get your productivity back and feeling motivated and positive.

Perhaps try adding parts of your normal routine back into your day can help in the run up to returning to work. This can be little steps from adding an early alarm each day to adjust to waking up earlier or going for a walk/to the gym each day. Little additions to your routine will make going back to work much easier. But remember to still give yourself a break!

Plan and prepare – being prepared can make you feel productive and satisfied with your day. For example, this can be prepping your meals for the weak, getting your clothes out the night before or writing to do lists for each day! This will provide you with a sense of achievement.

Get moving – a walk, run, going to the gym will release endorphins and make you feel great. Even if it is 20 minutes of exercise, it will make you feel better than laying on the sofa all day!

Make some plans – having something to look forward to, whether it is an evening out at the cinema or a holiday, can really motivate you to push through the blues. The excitement of having something lovely to look forward to can make those harder days easier to get through.

Don’t put pressure on yourself – making sure you don’t put too much pressure on unrealistic targets is essential in making sure that you don’t end up disappointed. Setting realistic targets which are achievable is incredibly important for avoiding unnecessary stress and pressure.

Positive mindset – thoughts become things! Focussing on one thing you are grateful for and a one thing you are looking forward to each day can really help flip your mindset. These can be simple things such as being grateful for your family or even just simply looking forward to a home cooked meal.

Positive thoughts bring along positive things!

Whilst January can be a time where many experience mixed emotions, it is also a time for a fresh start, excitement and to let the motivation for a great year kick in.

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