Why Do You Teach?

Teaching is arguably one of the most important professions in the world. Education has the power to inspire future generations and empower children to grow into intelligent, productive and honourable adults.

When you look back to the start of your career what was the one thing that made you want to teach? Was it being able to positively impact on the lives of young people, a passion for a specific subject, or perhaps you were inspired by a teacher who once helped you?

One thing likely shared by all teachers is dedication and a passion for helping to make a difference.

Looking at your career now, do you still get the same proud feeling when one of your students has that all important “light bulb” moment or the satisfying feeling when your lesson goes to plan? Do you leave a school excited to back the next day?

As with any profession, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut; your job becomes nothing more than a way of ensuring you pay the bills each month and you lose sight of the reasons which made you so enthusiastic about that career in the first place.

Luckily with teaching, it doesn’t need to take much to regain that passion.

Teaching is an exciting profession where every day is different. You have the ability to learn just as much from your students as you teach them.

You learn about students’ individual needs or situation changes, how to cater to different personalities or moods and the best ways to engage a whole class of seemingly uninterested students. Most importantly you learn about your own teaching style and what it is that makes you a great teacher.

Each day you are faced with new challenges and will need to discover new approaches to overcome these. This is especially true for supply teaching where you may meet multiple new classes in one week.

New research featured in the Get Into Teaching campaign states that teachers are the third biggest influence on a person’s life, behind only parents and friends.Throughout your career you will meet, and have the power to influence the lives of, hundreds of children.

You are able to educate pupils in so many aspects of their lives, beyond ‘how to calculate the radius of a circle’. You can stress the importance of manners, teach respect towards others and ensure that your students understand that they are able to go anywhere in life with a little determination.Not all students will be receiving these messages from home, therefore you may end up fulfilling many roles and act as a sense of stability for certain pupils who may need some extra support.

For many teachers, these are the reasons that make them love their job. Like any job, the more you put in, the more you will get out. Investing in your pupils leads to the biggest rewards, whether that is a student showing an improvement in grades or realising their potential.

Everyone remembers that one teacher who made a huge positive impact on their school experience. Whether this was a teacher who invested personally into your education, with extra tuition and support or a teacher who would simply take the time to sit and listen to your rambles and struggles of growing up.

These are the teachers that make a difference, and they do so because they love their job.

At Opus Teach we want to ensure that our supply teachers are placed in a role that allows their passion for teaching to shine through.

We are looking for supply teachers who are passionate about teaching, want to make a difference to the education of children and young people and are not afraid of a challenge, to fill various supply vacancies we currently have across Suffolk.

If you would like to hear more about these opportunities and find out how we can place you in your perfect role, please contact the team on 03301 242801 or register today.

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